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piątek, 30 września 2022 05:11

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The ‘Dobrowskaz’ Foundation

was created thanks to the commitment of a group of people wishing to point to "the good", to do it and to share it with others. Our activities are directed to children and youth at risk of exclusion.

For who?

The Foundation activities are directed at children and youth at risk of exclusion. Premature sexual initiation or all kinds of stimulants are not foreign to our pupils. Our goal is to show children other, often unknown or blurred behavioural patterns that might protect them from lurking dangers. All activities of the Foundation are organized in a balanced way, tailored to the needs of individual pupils. Not only will we notice abnormalities in education, but we also want to eliminate them.

However, our primary goal is to select and develop the positive qualities of each of our pupils. We have great faith that someday there will come a moment when they will choose a good further life path.

The goal of all the Foundation's activities is to provide them with the best possible tools, the use of which will help in becoming better people. We are aware that education or supporting cultural and intellectual development is not only a task for educational institutions. Supporting and strengthening activities should also be promoted outside of these facilities and during the school year.


That is why we organize summer holidays for children and youth filled with artistic activities that have a broader, not only educational, message.

We also carry out activities among people imprisoned in penitentiary institutions, as well as their families. In this way, we want to help individual families to rebuild their shaken relationships. We focus on the practical message of how joint actions unite.

With a lot of strength, a great deal of willingness and infinite layers of goodness, we try to build a clear picture about what connects and strengthens. We believe that doing good together builds the family identity and makes everyone feel appreciated and needed in it.

As a foundation, we are a compact group of people who, above all, have each other - this proves our strength. There is never too much of this strength...

Today, we believe we have the chance to make the world better for children on an even larger scale. Each of us can contribute a piece of ourselves to this venture, each of us can save someone.

ul. Tramwajowa 5/26
76-200 Słupsk, Poland
e : [email protected]
t : 0048 597276132
instagram :

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Santander Bank Polska S.A.
Beneficiary bank code: WBKPPLPP


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